Board Members

President - Ann W.        
Vice President - Open       
Secretary - Open       
Treasurer - Lance H.        
Member at Large - Gale S.

2014 Board Meeting Schedule

Homeowner Dues

Pay your dues online
by clicking the Credit Card picture below. 
The link will open a new window to a website outside of Latitude.  Any issues encountered on that site should be directed to the phone number or "Live Support" option shown there.  (Note - this is not a link to pay rent if you are a renter; this is for homeowner's association dues only).

Mail your dues
by addressing check to Latitude Owner's Association and sending to:
    Latitude Owner's Association
    PO Box 4508
    Federal Way, WA  98063

If you have questions about due contact Targa at 253-815-0393 and ask for Peggy Mohn our Association Bookkeeper


Important Contacts

For daily operations and maintenance support, and to have questions forwarded to the board, contact:

Latitude Manager
Robert Skrbin
Targa Real Estate

253-815-0393 x134- Phone
253-815-0191 - Fax

Emergency during office hours:  Call the switchboard of Targa Real Estate, 253-815-0393.
Say, "I am a resident of Latitude and have an emergency...."

Emergency after hours, weekends and holidays:
  • Call the Targa switchboard number after hours. The emergency pager number will be provided
  • Call the pager number.
  • The emergency contact will call you back to identify the problem. Once the after-hours person gets the information, he will call the manager.
  • Then the manager will promptly contact you.
Example: Leaking water pipes, fallen trees blocking roadways, etc.

Call 911 immediately. Then, when all people are safe, call the Targa emergency #.

In-unit flooding emergency?
Call 911. Then  Targa.
The fire department can turn off the building's water.

Night Security
Tiger Patrol Division
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