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Latitude Condominiums, located at 33020 10th Avenue SW, Federal Way, WA, 98023.




Don’t Forget!

Please turn in all Latitude occupant forms in by April 30th 2015 and Key card registration forms by May 11th 2015.

• If your Latitude home occupant forms are not turned in by 4/30/15, then you will be facing a $25 fee and to be increased to $50 every month afterwards.

• If your Latitude key card registration forms are not turned in by 5/11/15, then you will be facing a possibility of having your access denied to the Cabana.


• There is no monthly board meeting for April.

• Effective May 11, 2015, the Latitude Cabana key card for your condo unit will be deactivated and will no longer work, unless this registration form has been completed and turned in before the May 11 deadline.


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We are currently working on:

  • Calendar
  • Improved Parking Permits
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • Suggestion Box
  • Report violation

Soon, there will be new improvements, more features and frequent updates that will keep our community better informed.